Wedding at the Killeshin Hotel

Wedding Babysitting Services at the Killeshin Hotel!

Over the past few years, the demand for proficient “Wedding Babysitter services” has increased remarkably. More and more wedding planners are hunting for babysitters with several years of experience. Apart from wedding child care, the service providers are expected to entertain elders too. This is when Jeca the Clown’s service becomes essential. Wedding entertainer Jeca the Clown has been a part of this field for many decades. Our team is capable of handling different types of children in a wide range of wedding ceremonies. And, as you read on, you will know why you should hire Jeca the Clown during a wedding.

Kids and Jeca

As mentioned previously, wedding hosts prefer keeping kids out of their way during the ceremony. This is because little ones can act as mighty wedding crashers and feel lost too. Believe it or not, Jeca the Clown knows how to handle such kids. As the hype about the wedding goes on, we will manage your kids in style. Jeca’s team will make sure your kids are entertained and looked after properly. This is a promise only professionals like Jeca the Clown can give. And, the Wedding at Killeshin Hotel was no exception. In fact, almost all the kids preferred spending time with Jeca!

Tricks & Jeca

As Jeca the Clown, I have experience in different dynamics of what makes weddings a massive success. Trust me, this is an interesting art that has to be mastered with time. After all, most kids guide me on what has to be done to keep them happy. From jokes to songs to stories to act, the little ones help me plan the day. At the Killeshin Wedding, I requested every kid to tell me what they wanted. Conversely, their first hand responses and tips helped me keep them calm & quiet! Doesn’t this sound like a powerful trick that can be used anywhere?

Food & Jeca

Moving on, Jeca the Clown played around with food! I made sure the little ones were not hungry. As a result, none of them were fussy or tired. Always remember that good food (most preferably snacks) can delight kids and change their mood.

Show & Jeca

Finally, I put up an interesting show at the Killeshin Wedding. The children laughed, danced and jumped through every act. This triggered me to crack more jokes and silly acts. On the whole, wedding at the Killeshin Hotel was a grand success.

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Mary borrow national school

A New Experience at Mary Borrow National School

One of the prime services offered by children entertainer “Jeca the Clown” would be to unleash creativity, fun and entertainment in primary schools across the whole of Ireland. Very recently, Jeca visited “Mary Borrow National School”. It was a fun filled day that gave away many fun filled prizes to students and teachers. And, Jeca the Clown was truly happy to be a part of this special celebration. It was simply wonderful to visit a school once again. Sometimes, Jeca feels like a little one in schools. Childhood is a great time when small things are remembered and treasured in the long run. In this write up, you will read about the tricks and magical memories I recollect from my day at “Mary Borrow National School”.

A Fashionable Entry

Now, I am quite sure that you are familiar with the grotesque appearance made by clowns. Jeca is no exception! I love wearing coloured makeup, stylish wigs, great red nose, candid footwear and super-cool costume. These elements combine to form a hilarious sense of fashion. However, this is something Jeca the clown loves (and is good at!). To be honest, I have put together a personalized style statement for myself. Clowning has being my existence for so long that I have a separate outfit for schools.

A Grand Entry

With this being said, I landed inside Mary Borrow National School’s function hall in a blissful manner. A part of Jeca’s great art is magic and tricks. Moreover, I can leave you awestruck with many common, ordinary objects. After all, experienced clowns are expected to do the most with the least they have. And, Jeca the Clown was capable of entertaining his audiences with flowers, paper, books and smiley balls. The secret I follow while using these ordinary objects is by making them look and feel funny.

A Challenging Life

However, I did face small challenges in Mary Borrow National School. This can be attributed to its huge setting. It was quite difficult (yet testing) to bring a hilarious environment in this school. The guests were elders and famous celebrants with a busy life. And, trust me, it is remarkably tricky to bring the bright side in these people. I was able to hear my heart beat while performing.

Ultimate Note!

Now, my day at Mary Borrow National School was a memorable one. I surely grabbed everyone’s attention and brought out their spices of life and great school celebration day. I’m already invited to comeback there in their Christmas 2015 celebration. It will be my pleasure!

Ten years of Magic moments creche

Celebrating Ten Years of Magic Moments with Jeca

“Magic Moments” Montessori & Day Care was celebrating ten years of success, late this year. And, in this massive celebration, guess who the best person to be invited was? That’s right, it was the town’s best entertainer – Jeca the Clown! I made a grand entry into the school’s exquisite celebration. And trust me, the kids loved me there! In this short write up, you will read on why my presence was adored.

I am Colourful!

Firstly, the little ones were truly amazed with my colourful outfits and accessories. The plaids and bright polka dots delighted them immensely. Unlike many other clowns in the region, Jeca (me!) loved wacky combinations. I recreated a whimsical look with huge shoes, tall hats and striking bow ties. Moreover, my makeup will meet and exceed your imagination. For instance, I has a cheerful, funny red nose, red hair and an beautiful, charming grin.

I Love Jokes

Moving on, I energized the crowd with mild, interesting comics! Doesn’t this sound familiar? Well, like all clowns, I shared many hilarious jokes and moves. Almost all parents declared me as “funny”. Of course, my acts were planned to make you breakout and laugh. As everyone watched me start, I saw prominent giggles. And, as time passed, grins became smiles & laughs. For once, even staffs at the Montessori abandoned their working, serious side and enjoyed the moment.

I Know You!

Do you know that Jeca The Clown has the ability to make you feel unique and special? You may not see this in out dress or act. However, Jeca plans stories, jokes and songs to touch your heart. As you laugh at Jeca, you will have the free will to express yourself. This is one of the major reasons behind the success and fame of Jeca.

I Know Life

Last but certainly not least, Jeca encouraged the little ones to learn, stay happy and relaxed! Gone are the days when notes of encouragement were boring, long stories. Today, Jeca is here to make life easier. Generally, Jeca loves to move around with kids and remind them important tales of life gently.

I’d like to send special thanks for every staff and management at Magic Moments Montessori & Day Care for a special day for me too, yes, see you all gain soon.

Christmas party at club 23 Portlaoise

Fun Christmas Party @ Club 23

Its Time to Party, Its Time For Club 23

A lot of dance, fun and clowning around and can you guess already who was doing all this? Well, you are absolutely right, it was Jeca the Clown! Clubs have always being one of my most favorites spots for fun and laughter.

Why I Love Club 23

As the festive season comes near, my presence in Club 23 becomes a lot more prominent. Here is why I love partying at Club 23. The beautiful club is nestled in an ideal location. Nightlife in this place is decent and well organized (though you know nightlife never stays organized for long!). The club has plenty of room for dancing, sing, running, jumping and even lying down. So, this gives Jeca all the space he wants for a mighty show. Additionally, Club 23 has a state of art interiors. The floor comprises of audio visual effects and special lighting facilities. These are small artefacts that have may Christmas show at Club 23 truly a fascinating and blissful one!

This was How I Arrived!

So, how did my evening at Club 23 begin? Firstly, I made sure I was at the right place. Alas, I saw the “Club 23” board and felt like flying through cloud nine. The place was packed with young, energetic people who were prepared to go an extra mile for fun and happiness. This made my Christmas Party @ Club 23 an extravagant feast.

My Music, My Beat, My Drums

You will be astonished to note that we had drums and many other musical instruments to shake the place. Apart from dancing and singing, we started to make music. First, few people joined and in the next few minutes, the entire club was dancing to Jeca’s customized beat.

Time For Some Personalized Jokes!

Moving on, the Christmas party @ Club 23 was filled with laughter. And, why? Once again, it was Jeca’s hilarious jokes that set the entire place on fire! I shared jokes with almost everyone in the floor. And, truly, this was the first time I shared nearly 40+ unique jokes. Each one had its very own punch line and funny side.

Once again another success party where Jeca the clown had the pleasure and honour of be the main entertainer of the day, thank you all.

Wedding at the Mount Wolseley Hotel


Honestly, I consider the Mount Wolseley Hotel as a great place to get married. It is a splendid, gorgeous hotel to tie the knot. Mount Wolseley Hotel is well known for its friendly staff and beautiful ambience. So far, I have being a wedding entertainer at this hotel twice. And, I just love visiting this place as Jeca the Clown. So, how did my wedding at Mount Wolseley Hotel go? Read on to know more.

Being a Skilful Goocher

To be successful in weddings that are hosted in rich places like the Mount Wolseley Hotel, you should be remarkably skilful. This is one of the major reasons behind Jeca the Clown’s fame and glory. Apart from juggling & clowning around, Jeca is capable of serving as a “Goocher” (this is NOT a jargon used to define the skill set of clowns). Instead, Goocher identifies if the clown is truly experienced in the art of making people laugh with ordinary objects. And, this is an appealing artefact in Jeca’s profile. My team is trained to do tricks with pogo sticks. Additionally, we specialize in many indoor aerial displays. Conversely, with these events, your wedding at Mount Wolseley Hotel will become a memorable one.

One of our Biggest Strengths

It is quite interesting to note that most event organizers wish for return on investment! And, the weddings at Mount Wolseley Hotel had this in mind too. They were dreaming of an ROI while booking Jeca the Clown. Being able to satisfy such customers is one of Jeca’s biggest strengths. We were able to pull out talents, host games and many other services at the weddings. As a result, the wedding hosts acquired happy guests (this is one of the most difficult and wanted ROIs in any wedding or event).

The Only Performer

Moving on, do you know that we were the only performers in the Weddings at Mount Wolseley Hotel? There were no singers, dancers or wedding childcare service providers. Jeca The Clown was entrusted with all these chores. Luckily, my team was able to meet and exceed expectations proficiently. We acted as true professionals and made sure the guests (both elders and in special kids) were entertained fully. Likewise, we pulled together many neat acts within the lavish, well decorated space.

Our Affordable Services

We love weddings at Mount Wolseley Hotel. And, if you are ought to host an event in this enticing place, don’t forget to avail our affordable clown services for sure the kids will love it.

Christmas Marketing in Portlaoise

A Great event on December 2014, at the main streets of Portlaoise town supported by the Laois Co Council and of course entertained for the best children entertainer in Ireland, Jeca the Clown! Over the years, I have never seen a festival as splendid and amazing as the Christmas Market in Portlaoise! It comes back every year and is better than most other feasts. Every year the Portlaoise Christmas Market has something special for the family. And, this year was not an exception! The great event had me! As Jeca the Clown, I was truly honoured to be a part of the colourful festival. It was a time when I saw many hidden (people who preferred to stay indoors) and joyful (ones who loved having fun!) faces. Portlaoise gave a heavenly sight during the festive season.

My Presence in the Market

I was extremely delighted to see everyone’s reaction as I walked through the busy market streets. Even as the kids had an eye on their ice cream, they rejoiced in seeing my colourful face and clumsy shape. The seasonal extravaganza triggered me to do more and have more fun. I was geared up to have the best time of my life too. So, doesn’t this sound interesting? To know more on what I did, read on!

A Special Show

Back then, I started off with comedy magic show. This was a special event for kids. The magic show had a mix of skits, stunts and plenty of magic. Additionally, I was keen to make use of my puppet friends during the comedy show. Jeca acted out the tricks and stories in a silly-gofy manner. Conversely, both kids and adults were rolling-out-and-laughing. The best part about this comedy magic show would be “Audience Participation”. Everyone seemed enjoyed and involved in what I did. This encouraged me to skit Jeca’s “Ireland the Fish”. The story was to teach little ones not to walk around with unknown strangers, who seem friendly, non-threatening and amusing.

As time passed, I sang silly songs, painted faces and even flew like a batman around the market place. Truly, Christmas marketing in Portlaoise was a memorable journey.

10 things to do with Cardboard box for kids


Cardboard box is an unprecedented material for expressions, simple to get free of charge and Environmentally inviting, so frequently push off and discarded.

The kids Entertainer Jeca the clown is giving you his main 10 things to do with Cardboard box for children, your days of fatigue on stormy days are numbered. There is not restrict when you have an incredible material like Cardboard and some additional ones to give the completing touch.
The top 10 things to do with Cardboard  box for kids are:

1- A camper playhouse.
2- A surprisingly chic purse
3- Your pet dream home.
4- A washing machine
5- A city
6- Guitars.
7- A wild animals wall hanging
8- Car, Plain and train.
9- Transformers costume.
10- Your own imagination arts and craft.

Tell me and share your ideas and art works you have been doing with this amazing material that you can make anything.

Clown vs spider

We are on the attack of spiders and your super clown hero is here to help the human against this terrible creature. So, You don’t need to be scared any long, next time you are run in danger you know who you gonna call? Jeca the clown!!!!

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Dubsmash animal

Everybody knows that one of the fast growing apps there is Dubsmash and of course the children Entertainer Jeca the clown could not be left out of this fun thing, So as his first one Jeca the clown decided to to his Dubsmash animals with a lot of clowning faces. If the order is to have fun so let’s do it with Dubsmash app.  I know for sure all animals loves will have a lot of fun too. Let me know what is your favorite animal for Dub and what will be the next Dubsmash you’d like to see this clown doing?

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The clown vs Spider

What’s that in the sky ? a bird? a plane? no, it is the super Jeca the clown and he has a very hard missing against an incy wincy spider? Don’t think it is a joke because he takes very  seriously and with a lot of courage.

So, You don’t need to be scared any longer, next time you are run in danger you know who you gonna call? Jeca the clown!!!!

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That is it! the waiting is now over, my Brand New YouTube Channel and channel trailer is now on. So, please check it out, subscribe and let me know what ideas you’d like to see on this channel.Jeca the clown has been spreading fun for kids all around Ireland, nearby countries and Brazil and now is the chance of everyone that enjoyed Jeca’s performances to keep seen this hilarious clown weekly doing what he knows to do the most,clowning around.

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