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Jeca the Clown meets chef Kevin Dundon.

Kevin Dundon Jeca the Clown meets chef Kevin Dundon.

The children Entertainer Jeca the Clown has the pleasure of meeting the famous Irish chef Kevin Dundon, a very nice, professional and likable person. Even Invite me to closely be watching himself doing his food wile recording a video production. I was surprised even when before go home he came to me to thank me for my entertaining. Mr Kevin Dundon keep been the great and simple person you demonstrated.



Playschool Entertainer

playschool 1024x727 Playschool Entertainer




I really like to be party of playschool’ celebrations and this year (2014), so far I have been visiting some great ones around the country. I’d like to say special thanks for Sandra’s playschool for the two times on the roll invitations and great time I had at her playschool with the kids. The children entertainer Jeca the clown for sure will be visiting many playschools, Montessori and after schools. so be prepared for a lot of Clowning around across Ireland.

Jeca the Clown at Portlaoise’s Scoil Mhuire

Scoil Mhuire 300x300 Jeca the Clown at Portlaoises Scoil Mhuire


Jeca the clown had the pleasure of be part of the Scoil Mhuire green flag celebration, and it was great. I was able to do a small show for every class from junior to 6th class. See every teacher be part of my show was great too, the kids had a great time and a laughing. For me living in Portlaoise is great to be part of my community and local events and celebrations.

Congratulations Portlaoise Scoil Mhuire for your great reward and celebrations, see u all soon.

Local kids entertainer

local 1024x768 Local kids entertainer


I’m sure you saw already sticks saying: – 100% Irish. I have two beautifull Irish kids and more then 10 years in Ireland I call myself “BrasIrish” the spice and Brazilian way with all the best of the lovely Irish culture.

It is not surprise to me to know that in this world cup time the Brazilian football jerseys was the bigger seller of this summer. I reallise that Irish people really like us Brazilian and must to say that is the same here.

The children Entertainer Jeca the Clown was Born in Rio de Janeiro but raised in his adopted mother country Ireland, were my two kids were born and my local community really support me and everyday more and more know to say my

real clown’ name: Jeca the Clown.



Jeca the Clown and 50+ kids

50+ Jeca the Clown and 50+ kids


That is exactly what you read, the children Entertainer Jeca the clown did this great gig event with 50+ kids there, and I just loved it, big audience, a lot energy and noise into the room. The kids were amazing and great well behaving.

The Music time was my favored, everyone was dancing, even the adults loved the twist of Jeca the clown and the dance floor and special songs.

My great happiness is at the end see everyone congratulating me and very happy with the smiles into all kids faces.

At the beginning I was was thinking 50+ vs 1 but at the end were everyone as one.


Children Entertainer Jeca the Clown

Brazilian in Ireland

Br jeca Brazilian in Ireland

As  everyone knows, the Children entertainer Jeca the Clown is Brazilian, and with more then 10 years in Ireland, Jeca has been missing a lot his country and home city, Rio de Janeiro, but today as we started the world cup, I must to say I had mix of emotions.

Starting by the ashamed money spent at stadiums as everyone already knows,   the terrible commentary made at the open ceremony by RTE 1, many mistakes done about the dance, the “bouncy castle”, No, No, No! It a representations of the flower called: Vitoria regia as you can see at the photo. They could hire a Brazilian  to be at the background feeding information.

Victoria Brazilian in Ireland

The open ceremony was soooooooooo disappointing to me and family and the game even when you won by 3×1 the team didn’t play his best, understandable.

If I will support Brazil? Of course! I’m Brazilian with a lot of proud but as time goes I’m getting more Brairish and I will never accept the World Cup that Brazil purchased with a LOT OF MONEY…


Jeca the Clown


Corporate Event with a Super Clown

super clown Corporate Event with a Super Clown

Can you imagine who was Clowning around at Supermac’s? If you guess is Jeca the clown you are right, our super clown once again helped other family using his special power of make everyone laughing and enjoy the party. The smell of food around was a big competition but Jeca kept all kids focus in his entertaining and parents just had one work to do, record and take pictures wile they were laughing.

This time even the staffs had the chance of enjoy the show and I guess  they really want be part of it sometimes.

Do you have a super party? Corporation Event to do?

Call the super clown Jeca the clown!!!

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

2014 05 11 13.24.48 If you can dream it, you can achieve it.


It is very interesting when you came across some messages that goes great with the moment you are crossing, I just had my car engine broke down on the day before and next day be working again, speeding smiles into faces.

The realization of a dream is ninety percent of imagination and ten percent of attitudes. We can imagine, design, stand in the realization of the dream twenty-four hours a day, but unless we have at least ten percent of attitudes, our dreams will even stay in the dream world. To realize a dream, we must believe that it possible imagine how it will be when we get there and we take constant actions to achieve it. Accomplish our dreams is not a desire but an action.
From a children entertainer like me I keep walking, speeding smiles, love and believing that my Big day is just on the corner in my Emerald Island, as the great book says:
Without faith it is impossible to please God.


Jeca the Clown

Jeca the Clown at the golf Club.

jeca the clown golf Jeca the Clown at the golf Club.


It was a great fun and kids got very exited to see the children entertainer Jeca the clown there, Jeca want to say something:


megaphone Jeca the Clown at the golf Club.    - I never understood well the rules of golf and on the top of that I didn’t like the driving place with a lot of hills and holes.

Don’t worry, this great clown here made a favour to the club by covering all the holes. icon smile Jeca the Clown at the golf Club.

I’m so proud of myself!!!!!! icon smile Jeca the Clown at the golf Club.


Pirate party theme with Jeca the Clown

pirate Pirate party theme with Jeca the Clown


Everyone knows that I love creativity and arts and craft, when both are together even better, that was one of my parties I did in Abbeyleix. I must give my congratulations to Susan Moran that as you may notice did a pirate party theme and did a amazing job at like this one.

I couldn’t hold myself at the end and became a pirate too, Jeca the clown really showed who is the captain in the ship but with a small detail, the birthday boy was the star of the party and we all had a lot of fun.

Hope you got inspired to do two thinks, first one is use your imagination in your kids party (you can do it!), second is pick up your phone and call to the best children entertainer in Ireland, Yes, is me!


Jeca the Clown


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