10 things to do with Cardboard box for kids


Cardboard box is an unprecedented material for expressions, simple to get free of charge and Environmentally inviting, so frequently push off and discarded.

The kids Entertainer Jeca the clown is giving you his main 10 things to do with Cardboard box for children, your days of fatigue on stormy days are numbered. There is not restrict when you have an incredible material like Cardboard and some additional ones to give the completing touch.
The top 10 things to do with Cardboard  box for kids are:

1- A camper playhouse.
2- A surprisingly chic purse
3- Your pet dream home.
4- A washing machine
5- A city
6- Guitars.
7- A wild animals wall hanging
8- Car, Plain and train.
9- Transformers costume.
10- Your own imagination arts and craft.

Tell me and share your ideas and art works you have been doing with this amazing material that you can make anything.

Clown vs spider


We are on the attack of spiders and your super clown hero is here to help the human against this terrible creature. So, You don’t need to be scared any long, next time you are run in danger you know who you gonna call? Jeca the clown!!!!

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