Arvagh American Show with Clown Jeca



On June 26th 2011 I the children Entertainer Clown Jeca have been in one of the coolest events I participate in Ireland the Arvagh American Show.

The kind of event of you wishes to have your cowboy clothes and hat and be involved in everything, eat every food and spend all they there; that were the Arvagh American show to me. I eat a lovely organic hamburger and they had a lot kind of food there. They even did full pork on the grill.

I was completely amazed with the amazing view to the lake and the possibility of you get into a helicopter and have a 10min flying, I regret  I didn’t get the chance to do.

A lot of show happing too as the man at the horse doing tricks, the bike guys doing very dangerous tricks and they let the public very excited and of course me the Children entertainer Clown Jeca walking between the crowd doing his magic tricks, jokes and making everyone laughing and make sure have a great time.

To close the event very well I (as clown Jeca), went to get a ride at the monster truck and at the back I saw and felt the car smashing 4 other small ones. It was very fun!!!!

I just will leave one question: – When it is gone to be the next one???

Ps: Video already available at the video gallery.



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