Children Wedding Entertainer is the best solution for you



Preparing for Your Wedding and expecting to see some kids?

Hiring a Children Wedding Entertainer is the best solution for you

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Unless you’re having a black-tie affair, chances are good that at least a couple of kids will be guests at your wedding. Whether they’re nieces, nephews, cousins or your own children, it’s generally a good idea to make a few provisions to keep them (and thus, their parents) happy during your ceremony and reception

About Children Wedding Entertainers

v  Good Experienced Professional children’s entertainers are not easy to come by.

v  We are NOT all the same, nor do we all perform the same things, or perform at the same experience level or at the same types of events. Not everyone specializes in children’s Wedding entertainment like Jeca the clown.

v  We all have different talents and expertise that we offer. Ask yourself. “Does the entertainer have extensive experience in the type of event I’m trying to organize?” Ask for references for your kind of event and follow them through. Having an unbiased opinion is invaluable.

v  Entertaining children is very hard work to do properly.   It is not a matter of wearing silly clothes and doing silly things so please do yourself a favor and hire the best entertainer whose skills match your event.

v  Very importantly, if your children’s entertainer has a lot of experience listen to what he has to say and let him help you plan your entertainment needs.

 10 reasons why you should hire a wedding entertainer

1. It makes the children feel really special that they have their own entertainer.

2. Weddings are always better when you hire a Wedding entertainer.

3. A weeding entertainer keeps the kids engaged the whole time so you don’t have to worry about controlling them

4. He will lighten up the whole event with his jokes a tricks to make the day a very memorable one

5. Your guests can never get bored there is a wedding entertainer there

6. An experienced wedding entertainer can also help you plan your wedding in order to make it perfect because they are always honest in their opinions. If it’s bad, he’ll tell you!

7. You’ll have all the time you need to attend to your adult guests without worrying about the kids because a wedding entertainer will them engaged!

8. Your wedding entertainer appeals to the entertainment needs of others and not just the kids

9. A wedding entertainer will create treasured memories for the kids with fun and games, making your wedding one they would never forget

10. He will make your wedding more colorful

Why Jeca the clown is known as the Children’s Wedding

Entertainment Professional.

What keeps an 11-year-old boy happy, is quite different from entertaining a 6-year-old girl and that’s where professionalism comes in.

All the way from Brazil, Jeca the entertainer caters for the entertainment needs of every age group in your wedding and will keep the children entertained the whole time so that you can attend to your adult guests and enjoy your special day without any stress.

He will tailor his performance specifically to use a space of your wedding reception and fit around your big day.

He will keep your little guests engaged in a variety of games, activities and His hijinks will add a unique and fun filled flavor to your special day!

Don’t limit your imagination all on your guest list. Contact Jeca the Clown today and be guaranteed of a fun and memorable day for all!




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  1. tess quigley

    Jeca is by far the best children’s entertainer around. Has a brilliant ability to keep the children (and adults!) engaged and enraptured! Definitely worth every cent and wish him all the best in future!

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