Christmas Marketing in Portlaoise

A Great event on December 2014, at the main streets of Portlaoise town supported by the Laois Co Council and of course entertained for the best children entertainer in Ireland, Jeca the Clown! Over the years, I have never seen a festival as splendid and amazing as the Christmas Market in Portlaoise! It comes back every year and is better than most other feasts. Every year the Portlaoise Christmas Market has something special for the family. And, this year was not an exception! The great event had me! As Jeca the Clown, I was truly honoured to be a part of the colourful festival. It was a time when I saw many hidden (people who preferred to stay indoors) and joyful (ones who loved having fun!) faces. Portlaoise gave a heavenly sight during the festive season.

My Presence in the Market

I was extremely delighted to see everyone’s reaction as I walked through the busy market streets. Even as the kids had an eye on their ice cream, they rejoiced in seeing my colourful face and clumsy shape. The seasonal extravaganza triggered me to do more and have more fun. I was geared up to have the best time of my life too. So, doesn’t this sound interesting? To know more on what I did, read on!

A Special Show

Back then, I started off with comedy magic show. This was a special event for kids. The magic show had a mix of skits, stunts and plenty of magic. Additionally, I was keen to make use of my puppet friends during the comedy show. Jeca acted out the tricks and stories in a silly-gofy manner. Conversely, both kids and adults were rolling-out-and-laughing. The best part about this comedy magic show would be “Audience Participation”. Everyone seemed enjoyed and involved in what I did. This encouraged me to skit Jeca’s “Ireland the Fish”. The story was to teach little ones not to walk around with unknown strangers, who seem friendly, non-threatening and amusing.

As time passed, I sang silly songs, painted faces and even flew like a batman around the market place. Truly, Christmas marketing in Portlaoise was a memorable journey.



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