Christmas party at club 23 Portlaoise

Fun Christmas Party @ Club 23

Its Time to Party, Its Time For Club 23

A lot of dance, fun and clowning around and can you guess already who was doing all this? Well, you are absolutely right, it was Jeca the Clown! Clubs have always being one of my most favorites spots for fun and laughter.

Why I Love Club 23

As the festive season comes near, my presence in Club 23 becomes a lot more prominent. Here is why I love partying at Club 23. The beautiful club is nestled in an ideal location. Nightlife in this place is decent and well organized (though you know nightlife never stays organized for long!). The club has plenty of room for dancing, sing, running, jumping and even lying down. So, this gives Jeca all the space he wants for a mighty show. Additionally, Club 23 has a state of art interiors. The floor comprises of audio visual effects and special lighting facilities. These are small artefacts that have may Christmas show at Club 23 truly a fascinating and blissful one!

This was How I Arrived!

So, how did my evening at Club 23 begin? Firstly, I made sure I was at the right place. Alas, I saw the “Club 23” board and felt like flying through cloud nine. The place was packed with young, energetic people who were prepared to go an extra mile for fun and happiness. This made my Christmas Party @ Club 23 an extravagant feast.

My Music, My Beat, My Drums

You will be astonished to note that we had drums and many other musical instruments to shake the place. Apart from dancing and singing, we started to make music. First, few people joined and in the next few minutes, the entire club was dancing to Jeca’s customized beat.

Time For Some Personalized Jokes!

Moving on, the Christmas party @ Club 23 was filled with laughter. And, why? Once again, it was Jeca’s hilarious jokes that set the entire place on fire! I shared jokes with almost everyone in the floor. And, truly, this was the first time I shared nearly 40+ unique jokes. Each one had its very own punch line and funny side.

Once again another success party where Jeca the clown had the pleasure and honour of be the main entertainer of the day, thank you all.



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