Jeca @ traincare depot

Christmas party at laois traincare depot

I know that Christmas was a while ago but The children’s Entertainer Jeca the clown must write about Christmas at the  laois Traincare depot.

I had a lot of fun with the staff team and  there families ,and  the most fun of all was seeing Santa Clause arriving in the train and hearing people sing “jingle bells”.

One of the funny moments that happened was at the raffle time ,when a family won five times,I even saw that the mother blushed when she heard her ticket been called out for the fifth time. 😆 That was hilarios!

Once again The children’s Entertainer Jeca the clown left the gig with a lot of happy faces and funny memories.

Laois Traincare Depot is next to Kylegrove and is located in Laois, Leinster, Ireland. Laois Traincare Depot has a length of 2.51 kilometres.

Latitude: 53°1’24.96″
Longitude: -7°19’46.2″



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