Clown Jeca Peformace at the Arthouse


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The brochure information:

The Arts Office country council are delighted to be involved in the national Culture night programme. You are invited to celebrate our rich and varied culture at the variety of free activities happening in our county on cultural night 2011.


hat a honour to be part of this amazing cultural night that took part in all around Laois  with a big variety of artists taking part, I felt so happy as an artist and Children entertainer to see at exactly 4pm see the place getting full of kids and parents to watching my perform show. It took me a lot preparation and I lot of passion to that so special performing.

What excite me the most is see clown jeca not more been recognizing by been a children entertainer but as an artist as well, leaving his stamp where he goes through his passion in what he is doing.

I must to say that more will to come with Clown Jeca and for everyone that follows me I must to say: – This is just the beginning of a great and fun clowning adventure.

Ps: I will have the video soon in my video gallery. thx



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