If you can dream it, you can achieve it.


It is very interesting when you came across some messages that goes great with the moment you are crossing, I just had my car engine broke down on the day before and next day be working again, speeding smiles into faces.

The realization of a dream is ninety percent of imagination and ten percent of attitudes. We can imagine, design, stand in the realization of the dream twenty-four hours a day, but unless we have at least ten percent of attitudes, our dreams will even stay in the dream world. To realize a dream, we must believe that it possible imagine how it will be when we get there and we take constant actions to achieve it. Accomplish our dreams is not a desire but an action.
From a children entertainer like me I keep walking, speeding smiles, love and believing that my Big day is just on the corner in my Emerald Island, as the great book says:
Without faith it is impossible to please God.


Jeca the Clown




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