Mary borrow national school

A New Experience at Mary Borrow National School

One of the prime services offered by children entertainer “Jeca the Clown” would be to unleash creativity, fun and entertainment in primary schools across the whole of Ireland. Very recently, Jeca visited “Mary Borrow National School”. It was a fun filled day that gave away many fun filled prizes to students and teachers. And, Jeca the Clown was truly happy to be a part of this special celebration. It was simply wonderful to visit a school once again. Sometimes, Jeca feels like a little one in schools. Childhood is a great time when small things are remembered and treasured in the long run. In this write up, you will read about the tricks and magical memories I recollect from my day at “Mary Borrow National School”.

A Fashionable Entry

Now, I am quite sure that you are familiar with the grotesque appearance made by clowns. Jeca is no exception! I love wearing coloured makeup, stylish wigs, great red nose, candid footwear and super-cool costume. These elements combine to form a hilarious sense of fashion. However, this is something Jeca the clown loves (and is good at!). To be honest, I have put together a personalized style statement for myself. Clowning has being my existence for so long that I have a separate outfit for schools.

A Grand Entry

With this being said, I landed inside Mary Borrow National School’s function hall in a blissful manner. A part of Jeca’s great art is magic and tricks. Moreover, I can leave you awestruck with many common, ordinary objects. After all, experienced clowns are expected to do the most with the least they have. And, Jeca the Clown was capable of entertaining his audiences with flowers, paper, books and smiley balls. The secret I follow while using these ordinary objects is by making them look and feel funny.

A Challenging Life

However, I did face small challenges in Mary Borrow National School. This can be attributed to its huge setting. It was quite difficult (yet testing) to bring a hilarious environment in this school. The guests were elders and famous celebrants with a busy life. And, trust me, it is remarkably tricky to bring the bright side in these people. I was able to hear my heart beat while performing.

Ultimate Note!

Now, my day at Mary Borrow National School was a memorable one. I surely grabbed everyone’s attention and brought out their spices of life and great school celebration day. I’m already invited to comeback there in their Christmas 2015 celebration. It will be my pleasure!



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