Wedding at the Mount Wolseley Hotel


Honestly, I consider the Mount Wolseley Hotel as a great place to get married. It is a splendid, gorgeous hotel to tie the knot. Mount Wolseley Hotel is well known for its friendly staff and beautiful ambience. So far, I have being a wedding entertainer at this hotel twice. And, I just love visiting this place as Jeca the Clown. So, how did my wedding at Mount Wolseley Hotel go? Read on to know more.

Being a Skilful Goocher

To be successful in weddings that are hosted in rich places like the Mount Wolseley Hotel, you should be remarkably skilful. This is one of the major reasons behind Jeca the Clown’s fame and glory. Apart from juggling & clowning around, Jeca is capable of serving as a “Goocher” (this is NOT a jargon used to define the skill set of clowns). Instead, Goocher identifies if the clown is truly experienced in the art of making people laugh with ordinary objects. And, this is an appealing artefact in Jeca’s profile. My team is trained to do tricks with pogo sticks. Additionally, we specialize in many indoor aerial displays. Conversely, with these events, your wedding at Mount Wolseley Hotel will become a memorable one.

One of our Biggest Strengths

It is quite interesting to note that most event organizers wish for return on investment! And, the weddings at Mount Wolseley Hotel had this in mind too. They were dreaming of an ROI while booking Jeca the Clown. Being able to satisfy such customers is one of Jeca’s biggest strengths. We were able to pull out talents, host games and many other services at the weddings. As a result, the wedding hosts acquired happy guests (this is one of the most difficult and wanted ROIs in any wedding or event).

The Only Performer

Moving on, do you know that we were the only performers in the Weddings at Mount Wolseley Hotel? There were no singers, dancers or wedding childcare service providers. Jeca The Clown was entrusted with all these chores. Luckily, my team was able to meet and exceed expectations proficiently. We acted as true professionals and made sure the guests (both elders and in special kids) were entertained fully. Likewise, we pulled together many neat acts within the lavish, well decorated space.

Our Affordable Services

We love weddings at Mount Wolseley Hotel. And, if you are ought to host an event in this enticing place, don’t forget to avail our affordable clown services for sure the kids will love it.



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