Brazil election: clown wins seat in congress

Published: 7:00AM BST 04 Oct 2010

Brazilians have sent a clown to congress, after a professional entertainer won more votes than any other candidate in the country’s congressional elections.

Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, better known by his clown name Tiririca, received more than 1.3 million votes in Sao Paulo state.

Tiririca caught the attention of disillusioned voters by asking for their support with the humorous slogan: “It can’t get any worse” and a promise to do nothing more in congress than report back to them on how politicians spend their time.

“What does a congressman do? The truth is I don’t know, but vote for me and I’ll tell you,” the 45-year-old said in his campaign advertisements.

The clown, whose stage name means “grumpy,” usually appears in public wearing a blond wig, a red hat and a garish outfit. He survived a last-minute attempt by public prosecutors to bar him from running because of evidence that he is illiterate.

His candidacy may not have been as spontaneous or innocent as it might appear.

Tiririca’s well-financed campaign will help elect other politicians because, under Brazil’s election rules, he can pass his substantial excess votes on to other candidates in his coalition, which includes the ruling Workers’ Party.

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Brazil election: clown wins seat in congress (

By the way: Maybe next  Irish election  I can try, who knows?! Even on election they have a party and if you have a party, Clown jeca is the best Birth Party Clown.

Clown Jeca at Kildagan GAA.

Kildangan GAA were delighted to host a charity game on Saturday for Crumlin Hospital. A plethora of GAA stars appeared on the day, including Glen Ryan, Sean Boylan, Sos Dowling, Marty Morrisey, Noel Donlan, Christy Byrne and County Board chairman Pauric Ashe. It was a cracking game of football which Kildare just shaded, despite the best efforts of the exiles. Our own Liam O’Donovan received a man of the match award, Keith Burns was awarded score of the game for a well taken point off the ground. However the real winner on the day was Crumlin Childrens Hospital, a very worthy cause.

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I, Clown Jeca Brazil was delighted to be there and be part of this wonderful charity day to Crumlin Hospital,it was a lot of fun and water on the players, here are some more pictures from this party day.

Pictures from The Fashion Show in Portlaoise

Great photos from the make believers’ fashion show night in Portlaoise on the 19th of May 2010,I have some pictures from Jeca took by two excellent artists, worth to check it out:

those photos was took by Elliot Tucker’s photo stream, by the way, his daughter is the on on the catwalk with me, I called one picture there of : The Beauty and the Beast, his daughter is really beautiful.


it’s the name of my second photography and he took great pictures as well, the beauty and the beast photo is here too at Fashion 1, photo no 16.

It’s true, Clown Jeca is in the catwalk too…

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Who is Clown Jeca?

Fist of all must start saying what means the name: JECA.

the Jeca character

Stories of Monteiro Lobato go beyond fun and entertain the children. With many of them, he brought up the problems of public health in Brazil. Jeca – Tatu is one of the characters that served as a tool to campaign for sanitation and informing and educating the public about a tropical disease that at the time, faced by millions of Brazilians and was so neglected.
the However, in the midst of campaigns sanitarians, Monteiro Lobato modifies its analysis of the problem: Poor Jeca. As in the novel are beautiful and ugly in reality., Transforming it into a new symbol of Brazilianness. Not coincidentally, in 1924, created the radio character Jeca Tatuzinho, who taught hygiene and sanitation to children

The Clown Jeca

In 2000 I first used the character ” Jeca Brazil” as part of my social project being run by my local church on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. “Jeca” opened particularly difficult doors in the shantytowns or the poorest areas allaying others to then follow up with pratical help such as toys and clothes.
Later “Jeca” began to appear in schools, at children’s parties and other special occasions.
In 2002 I, as “Jeca”- co-presented the childrens television show called ” Good is to be a child”.
Sice the move to Ireland ” jeca” main activities have been in birthday parties , big events and doing marketing to companies; in 2009 Jeca the clown got a award from the Portlaoise parade committee as a the best entertainer 2009.

Some people say I’m born Jeca, some say I’m Jeca 24/7, maybe both are right ,

Jeca is eternally in my heart and life.