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Children party entertainer

That is right, when you need a professional children entertainer for your party, can be for an birthday party, communion party, confirmation or for a even more special occasion like a wedding. You know already that Jeca the clown is the best entertainer for your party and event.

Here are some extra information about Jeca the clown:

Looking for a way to make kids entertained during your special day? Jeca the clown might just be the perfect solution. Jeca will keep the kids entertained with a variety of games and activities as you and your adult guests enjoy the food and speeches. He tailors his performances to use the available space at the reception venue.


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The Deadmans inn Ballyfin

what about starting talking about the pub’s name, the deadmans inn pub, I guess that was the reason they invited the children entertainer Jeca the clown for giving a  bit of “life” and fun for a great birthday party, the probably know that Jeca the clown is the best children entertainer in Ireland.

The place was great for my entertaining show and the staff member even better, I really like when I’m going for the first time in a venue, town o city for a birthday party or event.

I just left Ballyfin with some people asking me my card and contact number for future appointments, hope hear soon from you all over there.

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The Seven Oaks Hotel

It was my first gig on the Seven-Oaks-Hotel as children Entertainer Jeca the clown and I must to say that I was very pleased with the hotel and great staff members.

The party was a massive one and they had a lot of guesses, but my long experience as the children entertaining was essential for parties like that, of course that the great space was a huge help.

I must say that I love when the parents went to check if the kids was doing right and found them watching the show and enjoying as much then the kids, it is a great boost to me.

If you live in Carlow town or close of it, check it out this great hotel and don’t forget to book the best children Entertainer in Ireland, yes, the Children Entertainer juice the clown.

If you are going to get married in Carlow town or have a birthday party or special celebration you know already who you going to call. Clown Jeca!

Here is some extra information about the hotel:


All the rights to this image belong to the Seven Oaks hotel.

A 7-minute walk from Carlow Cathedral, this polished hotel is a 9-minute walk from the Carlow Train Station and a 10-minute walk from Carlow Castle.

Traditional rooms, some with 4-poster beds, offer en suite bathrooms, free WiFi, TVs, and tea and coffee making facilities.

Amenities include conference spaces and a pool, plus a fitness center with a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. There’s a restaurant and a hotel bar which serves a daily carvery lunch. Parking is free and babysitting services are available for a fee.

Children Entertainer Jeca the clown.


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killenard community centre

If you are planning a party and you live close to Killenard village, the killenard community center is the right place to do it, but of course with the entertaining provided by the best children entertainer in Ireland, the children Entertainer Jeca the clown. The hall of this place is very big and ideal to a Jeca the clown’ many games and activities and the great floor helps the kids run safety up and down without risk.

Here is some information about this great center:

Since 1990 The Killenard Community Centre, under the curatorship of Michael Cobbe, has been an invaluable local amenity serving the needs of the people of Killenard.

It is used extensively by many groups in the area for Set Dancing, Indoor Soccer, Squash, Badminton, Netball, Basketball and various other sporting activities. The hall is also available for parties and private events.

In addition to the above, there are several smaller rooms available for meetings, Whist, Speech and Drama classes and many other pursuits. There is also a Bottle & Clothing Bank situated at the rear of the centre

I hope be back to soon to this great village to doing a lot clowning around…


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The Heritage hotel Christmas party

The Christmas party at the Heritage hostel is a great success because many facts, the heritage hotel is an amazing hotel located here in Portlaoise town, the staff team is very polite and kind with me and that helps me as Children Entertainer Jeca the clown doing what I know to do best: A great entertaining show!

It is great to see the kids excited to see Santa Claus and the clown here, Jeca the clown.

This is another great corporate event that Jeca the clown loves to do every year and I look forward to came with new ideas and tricks to show again next year.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the heritage hotel and the Laois county council for the support giving to the children’s entertainer Jeca the clown.


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Christmas party at laois traincare depot

I know that Christmas was a while ago but The children’s Entertainer Jeca the clown must write about Christmas at the  laois Traincare depot.

I had a lot of fun with the staff team and  there families ,and  the most fun of all was seeing Santa Clause arriving in the train and hearing people sing “jingle bells”.

One of the funny moments that happened was at the raffle time ,when a family won five times,I even saw that the mother blushed when she heard her ticket been called out for the fifth time. 😆 That was hilarios!

Once again The children’s Entertainer Jeca the clown left the gig with a lot of happy faces and funny memories.

Laois Traincare Depot is next to Kylegrove and is located in Laois, Leinster, Ireland. Laois Traincare Depot has a length of 2.51 kilometres.

Latitude: 53°1’24.96″
Longitude: -7°19’46.2″

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Tullamore Central Library

What a great experience the children Entertainer Jeca the clown had at the Tullamore Central Library at Tullamore, Co. Offaly. The Tullamore Central Library did an excellent job in promoting Jeca the clown’ show and the result you can see in one of the photos above, the place was completely packed and full of expectation for the show.

The parents did a great job not just bringing the kids, but interacting together during the show and I have a real appreciation for all staff members of the library too that did an excellent job before and during the show too.

So, many thx for the Offaly County for this great invitation and I look forward to hearing from you all again soon, Jeca the clown is always ready for a great and fun show.




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Yes, I made her smile.


Jeca the clown is back in 2016.

The children entertainer Jeca the clown is back in 2016, so get booking now your party, event or wedding entertainer to avoid disappointment. Let’s do it!

Happy New year from Jeca the clown

I, Jeca the clown wish to everyone that supported me this years a  happy new year and a lot happy memories!