Children entertainer clown jeca in Kinnitty.

the children entertainer clown jeca clowning around in Kinnitty.

Innovation and not scare to try is one of the key of success, the Giltraps pub invited me to putt a show outside of the pub while parents was enjoying drinking and having a great food from it.

After me was a great Irish singer and I think was a success day, the public was great with me and I could not receive better reception; even after all I tasted the lovely pi-on-A-spit, what more to say? Just replicate the words I heard from who hired the children entertainer clown jeca: See you again soon! See you again all from Kinnitty.


Clown jeca at the Playpals play school

I was invited to clowning around at this very nice play school and I had no idea that at the end of my show they had a kid’s graduation from preschool to junior infant in other school, the teachers and staffs were all emotions of the goodbye and I must to confess that even the children entertainer clown jeca was held not to cry. Ps: I have two kids myself and I know what it is.

I Hope this year am able to visit more playschools around Ireland.

Carrickmacross Festival

Information took from web-page:

For the last ten years local volunteers have offered their time and efforts along with the support of our local council and business to making this one of Ireland’s quickest growing family festivals. An event like this is a huge task and as always the work behind the scenes is never under estimated by me or indeed the people of Carrickmacross.

This year will prove to be even bigger and better than before. As we finalize almost everything apart from the weather we would welcome you to join us in celebrating our eleventh birthday where you and your family will experience a magical weekend filled with street entertainers, arts and crafts, local and European  produce, teddy-bear picnic, kids entertainment, live music over four days on two stages and much more.

Children entertainer at Tesco Community fair

As the shopping already says: – Every Little Helps! Especial when you have in your team the Children entertainer clown jeca. It was great for me to see all community tougher at the fair selling or buying.

I just did what I love to do meet a lot of people and won many smiles and kids happiness, at the end to be a clown is that, love what you do and make memorable funny moments for all those that cross with you.


Clown Jeca helping at Laois Down Syndrome Association Fundraising.


Do you know that kind the work you do and at the end you feel proud? This one of those, as a children entertainer I have the mission of brings a lot of smile around and I must to confess that isn’t a hard mission around this kids.

It’s my second year as a children entertainer I was doing the x-mas party to raising money to this charity and I know that will be for a long time…

Ps: I Hope I will be invited again to dance…

Clown Jeca Peformace at the Arthouse


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The brochure information:

The Arts Office country council are delighted to be involved in the national Culture night programme. You are invited to celebrate our rich and varied culture at the variety of free activities happening in our county on cultural night 2011.


hat a honour to be part of this amazing cultural night that took part in all around Laois  with a big variety of artists taking part, I felt so happy as an artist and Children entertainer to see at exactly 4pm see the place getting full of kids and parents to watching my perform show. It took me a lot preparation and I lot of passion to that so special performing.

What excite me the most is see clown jeca not more been recognizing by been a children entertainer but as an artist as well, leaving his stamp where he goes through his passion in what he is doing.

I must to say that more will to come with Clown Jeca and for everyone that follows me I must to say: – This is just the beginning of a great and fun clowning adventure.

Ps: I will have the video soon in my video gallery. thx

The Gold Clown at the Gold Wedding!

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The golden pages Ireland has was searching for one lucky couple who got the have the chance to win a wedding worth €30,00! this couple was Mrs Grainne & Mr Matthew, by the way Congratulations again to them.

So, of course if you have a golden wedding you must to have to the entertaining the golden children entertainer Clown jeca.

A lot people still not sure why you need to hire a clown to your wedding, if this is you here is a the reason:

While Bride and Groom are enjoying their food and the speeches with the adults, the entertainer Jeca the clown is in other area doing a variety of activities with the kids.

Don’t limit your imagination and your guest list. Call the clown today and I’ll make sure that you will have the best party for your guests.

So, if you have a golden wedding don’t forget to contact the best children entertainer in Ireland.

The children Entertainer Clown Jeca in France (Strasbourg)

With TeenStreet Clown Jeca also got the opportunity to cross the French border for the day. Strasbourg is the capital and principal city of the Alsace region in northeastern France and is the official seat of the European Parliament. It was so much fun to work as Brazilian children Entertainer that lives in Ireland in a language that I can’t speak. Well, you might be asking to yourself how I could entertain somebody without saying a word. And my answer to you is: ‘You don’t know yet Clown Jeca well enough!’  Clowns have this “mystery” language that able us to communicate to everyone, everywhere in the world! A mystery that a true Children entertainer knows well enough and which I am very proud of to have it.

I must to say that I loved French, minutes after crossing the board I started to hear the French music on the air and saw a some group dancing and enjoying life in a very nice way.

Hope to soon as imagine receive other invitation to go there again but now I’d like to spend just more time.

Au revoir!

The children Entertainer Clown Jeca in Offenburg. (Germany)

Not only as Children Entertainer but as an Entertainer for the whole family, Clown Jeca spent 10 days in Offenburg, Germany at an event called Teen Street 2011. There he was involved in activities for children, teenagers and adults throughout the day and it was a pleasant experience to make new friends and to get knows more about different cultures around the globe.  The first TeenStreet Germany teen congress happened in 1993 and attracted just 56 people.  Today, the congress attracts over two thousand teenagers, as well as leaders and volunteers from across Europe.

I Confess I was worried with the language but realise soon I arrived that the most people can speak in ingles and those couldn’t clown jeca got a special way to communicate and entertainer them.

The event even finished and I was already getting the invitation to the next year event, for me it is a honour and make me very happy to know that everyone loved clown jeca.

Thank you again to the Om Ireland to the invitation, every voluntary people that made that event work amazingly and all friends I made there.

The children Entertainer Clown Jeca and Tiger club Portlaoise.


the 3rd of July the Tiger club in Portlaoise had a very exiting family dayat the Portlaoise Leisure Centre and of course the best children entertainer in Ireland Jeca the Clown was there to make presence and do what he do best entertaining the public.

We got the presence as well of local musicians and lot things for the kids have fun, and the best was that everything was for free.

The Army was there too with tanks war, clothes and guns and the fire brigade, clown Jeca had his turn to go inside the cars and test the

garda’ horn and the fireman helmet.

The lovely of this event was that everybody knew Clown Jeca and the kids were very quick interacting with my performing.

I’d like to thank you all members of the tiger club in Portlaoise to invite me, the children entertainer clown jeca to this great event at Portlaoise town.

Ps: Video already available at the video gallery.