A photo with the children Entertainer Jeca the clown

Taking a photo with the Clown

One of the things people love to do when they meet the children entertainers Jeca The Clown is take a photo with him and then share all around their own social media platform creating a great publicity to the local event I’m doing on that particular moment.

The most popular social media I find my pictures on are: Snapchat,Instagram,Twitter and Facebook…I even found my pictures with very interesting hashtags for example:#funny fella #bae #crack# jeca the clown #my BFF #having fun with this lad!!

I don’t really understand the new generations language, but just from seeing the pictures of the kids entertainer Jeca The Clown and others and there smiling faces I can already know that those words mean well.

So, if you have any pictures of yourself with Jeca The Clown please share and don’t forget to tag me!!



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