Brazilian clown piolin

The greatest clown in the world

In Castilian language “piolin” means a type of string, too thin.

For it was this string that gave its name to one of the largest Brazilian clowns and most renowned in the world: Piolin. It got its name because it was very thin and had legs so thin that resembled a string.

Abelardo Pinto, the Piolin was born in the circus of his father, armed in Ribeirão Preto in 1897 and died in São Paulo on September 4, 1973.

The professional clown has in its origin comical physical activities that bring a composition of his art, in this case, Piolin, had training gymnast and acrobat.

He began his career in the American Circus as a child, engaging in different activities. He won the recognition of the intellectuals of the Modern Art Week, artistic and literary movement held in Brazil in 1922, as an example of genuine Brazilian artist and popular. In 1929, on his birthday, the modernists Piolin honored with a lunch they called the Feast anthropophagic. Whereas the cannibals eat the enemy to acquire its qualities, the symbolic act of “eating Tweety” constituted a true consecration to the clown. There are today in Sao Paulo a famous canteen with its name, which also named the old Paysandu Lane, the street where circuses were armed in Sao Paulo.
It was considered “the greatest clown in the world”. Washington Luis, president of the republic overthrown by the 1930 Revolution, was one of his admirers and used to watch it.

For those who do not know yet, Piolin was so important that the day of his birth was chosen for the commemorative date of the Circus Day in Brazil.

When he died – a heart attack motivated by choking with a candy – A crowd gathered in the alleys of the cemetery Fourth Parade at Sao Paulo to accompany his funeral, were simple people taking their last respects to him that both amused.

Today 9th of september 2015, I the children Entertainer Jeca the clown decided to show my respects too for the greatest clown in the world, I watched many videos about Piolin and I really got expired and pround to be a clown too.

Clown Piolin you are forever represent in Jeca the clown.



Thanks’ very much!



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