Toyota Show time 2014/2015

A Formal Invitation to Toyota’s Car Show!

It is show time in Toyota! A great corporate event and once again Children Entertainer, Jeca the Clown was present right in front to keep everyone happy. Here is a quick link to how Jeca the Clown entertained everyone in the event.

Our team caught a lot of attention at the Toyota show. Conversely, organizers were very happy to have us there. To be honest, this was one of our most successful shows. So, are you prepared to learn more about the Toyota Show? If yes, sit back, relax and read on. Here are few words on how our day went at the event.

What Does History Say?

As you browse through history, you will undeniably come across many clowns and fun-filled shows. This proves the fact that everyone loves to break stress and laugh out loud. This is exactly what Jeca the Clown did in the Toyota Show! Our team acted as stress busters and cheered the candidate racers. Leaving alone the participants, we were keen on delighting the little ones and elders with many magic tricks and live performances. Toyota show time was a perfect platform for us to grab the attention of many. Even today, I remember how many families and friends watched us in awe and amusement.

A Massive Difference

Unlike conventional clowns who perform in comedy shows, birthday parties, wedding feasts, corporate get together and roving sessions; car shows are different. The event requires versatile performers who can handle any kind of crowd. And, Jeca the Clown is a true professional in this field. Our team has a strong profile with several years of experience in open shows. Rain or sun, summer or autumn, Cars or Bikes, Jeca is certainly the finest artist (clown) you can hire!

Our Presence Made a Difference!

According to the hosts, Jeca the Clown added more fun, charm and colour to their expensive event. Even staffs and visitors were delighted by Jeca’s performance. After all, entertainment is meant for everyone – from young children to adolescents to adults to elders – clowns like Jeca can lure any heart.

A Memorable Day

On the whole, Jeca became extremely famous with the Toyota Show! The informal event gave my team a formal recognition in the city. And, the part of being paid highly to keep people happy took me through cloud nine! Personally, I cannot forget my day at the splendid car show at Des Hughes Motors, Toyota garage in Portlaoise.

You can watch here a short video about it:



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