Wedding at the Killeshin Hotel

Wedding Babysitting Services at the Killeshin Hotel!

Over the past few years, the demand for proficient “Wedding Babysitter services” has increased remarkably. More and more wedding planners are hunting for babysitters with several years of experience. Apart from wedding child care, the service providers are expected to entertain elders too. This is when Jeca the Clown’s service becomes essential. Wedding entertainer Jeca the Clown has been a part of this field for many decades. Our team is capable of handling different types of children in a wide range of wedding ceremonies. And, as you read on, you will know why you should hire Jeca the Clown during a wedding.

Kids and Jeca

As mentioned previously, wedding hosts prefer keeping kids out of their way during the ceremony. This is because little ones can act as mighty wedding crashers and feel lost too. Believe it or not, Jeca the Clown knows how to handle such kids. As the hype about the wedding goes on, we will manage your kids in style. Jeca’s team will make sure your kids are entertained and looked after properly. This is a promise only professionals like Jeca the Clown can give. And, the Wedding at Killeshin Hotel was no exception. In fact, almost all the kids preferred spending time with Jeca!

Tricks & Jeca

As Jeca the Clown, I have experience in different dynamics of what makes weddings a massive success. Trust me, this is an interesting art that has to be mastered with time. After all, most kids guide me on what has to be done to keep them happy. From jokes to songs to stories to act, the little ones help me plan the day. At the Killeshin Wedding, I requested every kid to tell me what they wanted. Conversely, their first hand responses and tips helped me keep them calm & quiet! Doesn’t this sound like a powerful trick that can be used anywhere?

Food & Jeca

Moving on, Jeca the Clown played around with food! I made sure the little ones were not hungry. As a result, none of them were fussy or tired. Always remember that good food (most preferably snacks) can delight kids and change their mood.

Show & Jeca

Finally, I put up an interesting show at the Killeshin Wedding. The children laughed, danced and jumped through every act. This triggered me to crack more jokes and silly acts. On the whole, wedding at the Killeshin Hotel was a grand success.

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